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Technical Analysis Millionaire

The Course that Teaches My Approach So You Can See the TRUE MARKET

I, Chris Rowe, built a course to easily teach you all the elements of my investing methodology.

This 4-part, 24 lesson, class shows you how to find the strongest and weakest areas of the financial markets. Plus, it gives you a complete understanding of how the True Market works.

Start viewing the market the way sophisticated fund managers view it. Stop being fooled by popular market averages that don’t represent what’s really happening in the global financial markets.

Using technical indicators, I teach you how to find the strongest sectors of the market and how to invest in them with significantly reduced risk. No more exposing yourself to unnecessary risk.

In addition, I show you exactly how I’ve successfully navigated market tops and bottoms time and time again throughout my career. My goal is to help you avoid the classic problem of individual investors: buying at market tops and selling at lows.

I give you tools to identify when big institutional investors are selling their positions to individuals near market tops. And I teach you to spot when institutional investors are buying up shares that scared individual investor are selling on the cheap.

Part 1“Trend and Condition”, 7 lessons focus on the general stock market. Understanding the trend and condition of the stock market, as a whole, is the key to investing using the right “playbook”. 

Some investors invest the same way no matter which of the 4-stages of the stock market cycle we are in. They invest the same way during the declining stage as they do in the advancing stage. They invest the same way at the topping stage as they do at the bottoming stage.

But just as you wouldn’t dress the same way in the summer time as you would in the winter (in most parts of the world anyway), different market stages require different playbooks.  Part 1 teaches you how to navigate each stage of the cycle.

Part 2. “Sector Rotation and Relative Strength”, 5 lessons will teach you why I consider understanding of sector behavior to be the single most important aspect of financial market analysis. 

Different “sectors” act like different stock markets within the general market. The Energy sector might be down 8% in 12 months while the Healthcare sector is up 25% in the same time frame. Even more specifically, the Oil & Coal sector might be down 26% in 12 months while the Biotech sector is up 47% in the same time frame.

Using sector “internals” and “relative strength” technology, finding the sectors that are likely to charge higher or take a nosedive becomes shockingly simple.

In Part 3“Charting”, I show you charting techniques that you can apply to just about anything that’s traded in any market place. You can apply this 8-lesson section to stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities and more.

I teach you the methods I uses to time entry and exit levels. This is key because if you can use these techniques to buy stocks just a few percentage points lower and sell them a few percentage points higher, the compounded gains can really add up.

More importantly, you’ll have a keen understanding of where a high degree of risk lies and become better at avoiding it!

In Part 4 – “Risk Management”, I cover in four lessons how to significantly reduce risk. I believe most individual investors are taking on several times the amount of risk than they need to take in order to position themselves for the exact same potential upside.

I illustrate several t automatic stop-loss tricks and how to use options to hedge your portfolio. I also teach you how to use a position sizing calculator to figure out how many shares or options to buy or sell.

My goal is to dispel myths that are programmed into the minds of most investors. Understanding sector behavior is the single most important part of “market analysis”. But Risk Management is, by far, the single most important part of investing in the financial markets.

This section alone is worth the price of the entire course if it can save you from taking a loss that will be very hard to walk away from.

There’s a 30-day money back guarantee – no questions asked - in case you decide it’s not for you.

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The market everyone looks at – the Dow, the S&P 500 – is the last thing you want to look at as an investor.” Chris Rowe