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Sector Prophets

Decision-Making Tools, Data and Indicators

From what you learn in Technical Analysis Millionaire (TAM), you can become a smarter investor and take on less risk for higher potential returns.

But Sector Prophets offers sophisticated tools used by successful money managers across the world to break down the True Markets.

Use the tool set in Sector Prophets to find the pockets of strength or to detect when a sector you may currently own is quietly weakening.

There’s too much in this tool package to list here, but when you sign up you’ll gain access to:

  • A website walk through
  • How-to tutorials on how to use each tool
  • A customizable position tracker that will follow any sectors you tell it to
  • Real time alerts that tell you whenever a market sector makes a significant move – up or down
  • You’ll be invited to live webinars where you can ask questions and strengthen your ability to use the tools effectively in your decision making process
  • A sector bell curve that shows you the risk level of each of the 41 U.S. sectors and 5 international markets.  This sector bell curve also gives you a snapshot of every sector’s current “supply/demand” dynamic. 
  • A sector relative strength matrix that ranks each of the 41 sectors’ strength against each of the other sectors.
  • Internal indicators for each of the major market averages and for each of the 41 sectors.
  • The relative strength ranking history – so you can see if a sector, currently showing huge strength, has been showing that strength verses all other sectors for a long time or if it’s a new development.

There’s much more to it and when you sign up, we are confident you’ll find a new way to use the package every week or two. We are so confident that you’ll never want to cancel that we give you a 60-day money back guarantee.  If you aren’t getting use out of the tools then call us and we will refund the amount back to your credit card, no questions asked.

For more information or to sign up, email or call True Market Insider.

Email: info@truemarketinsiders.com

Phone: 855.822.0269 – or, from outside of the U.S.: 561.206.1207

At this time membership is completely full.

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