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Options Soup

Chris Rowe and Costas Bocelli created Options Soup to show you how easy and lucrative options can be… and to show you how to use them to strengthen your portfolio and grab your share of the historic profits that are headed your way.

They built Options Soup to make options a snap to use and understand.

You’ll start from scratch and build up from there. In no time, you’ll master a small number of easy-to-execute trades that professionals use to bank wins with minimal risk, stress or strain.

In Options Soup you’ll discover…

How Wall Street makes fortunes from the dark side of the stock market...

And how you can get in on the same kind of trades.

How Billion-dollar hedge funds keep individual investors clueless...

And how to beat them at their own game.

You’ll see a simple defensive play to protect your portfolio...

… and potentially make extra gains while stocks are tumbling...

… and everyone else is losing their shirts.

And a whole lot more...

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The market everyone looks at – the Dow, the S&P 500 – is the last thing you want to look at as an investor.” Chris Rowe