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Monthly Trend Trader

Costas Bocelli’s Monthly Trend Trader is a powerful new investment research service.

With Monthly Trend Trader, you’ll discover how to front-run wall street institutions and hedge funds by pinpointing exactly where they are accumulating billions of dollars at the beginning of every month.

But simply knowing where they are piling billions into every month isn’t enough…

You also need to know how to profit from these “monthly trends.”

That’s why, with Monthly Trend Trader, you’ll receive two new trade alerts at the beginning of every single month.

Each trade alert is simple and easy-to-understand.

The strategy is simple.

Because wall street has billions of dollars to invest… they can’t trade like normal investors…

So they have to use something called “accumulation.”

That’s when they buy a bunch of stock over a long period of time.

And I’ve identified a pattern that reveals they often do this over the period of one month.

So at the beginning of the month, I use my proprietary system to pinpoint exactly where wall street is piling their money.

Then I jump in and ride the stock until the end of the month.

The service is managed by me, Costas Bocelli.

I have over 20 years of experience as a successful investor.

Here’s just a small sample of some of the “monthly trends” my system spotted recently.

Remember these gains all took place in under a month.

  • 21% from APPS…
  • 15% from MCRI...
  • 56% from PLUG...
  • 44% from NIO…
  • 22% from PENN…
  • 63% from Lumber Liquidators…
  • 10% from FCX...
  • 80% from Fastly…

This service is for all investors:

There are no requirements related to net worth, income, or citizenship.

There are no investment minimums — you can invest as little as you’d like.

You can easily invest in these deals through your existing brokerage account.

I offer Monthly Trend Trader for less than 22 cents a day with a risk-free 30-day money back - right here

Let’s get started!

60-day money back guarantee in case you decide it’s not for you.

Please call 855.822.0269 for more information.

The market everyone looks at – the Dow, the S&P 500 – is the last thing you want to look at as an investor.” Chris Rowe