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Costas Bocelli Bio

Costas began his trading career in 1998, hired by Gateway Partners, an equity options market making specialist unit, on the Philadelphia Stod22e8cc7-2db3-45c5-aeca-26a6f8fb18b0ck Exchange (PHLX).

During his tenure with the firm, he quickly gained valuable experience having to navigate the Asian currency crisis and Russia’s sovereign debt default.

This culminated in unprecedented trading volatility and eventually the bailout of Long Term Capital Management, the largest hedge fund at the time.

After his tenure as Senior Equity Options Market Maker with Gateway Partners, he joined a proprietary trading desk making markets and providing liquidity for large customer and institutional order flow. As a professional trader and off-floor broker/dealer, he earned the Series 7 General Securities License.

Costas has over two decades of experience as an options trader and has trained and educated several junior traders on option theory, risk management and strategy.

Since leaving the Philly floor, he returned to the industry after witnessing the wealth destruction inflicted on millions of individual investors during the credit crisis and great recession of 2008. Convinced that he could use his knowledge and experience to help people take more control over their investments and financial livelihoods, he agreed to join Tycoon Publishing in 2010.

During his tenure with Tycoon, Costas took a leadership role as educator, mentor and guru to thousands of subscribers. He created an option’s trading service, an interactive educational trading course and a live-setting interactive mentoring program.

Costas highly popular products and accolades played a pivotal role in the firm’s acquisition by Agora Publishing in 2012 and later became known as the Institute for Individual Investors.

Since 2010, Costas has written hundreds of articles for some of the most respected on-line financial publishers in the industry.

He has a passion for sharing everything that he’s learned and experienced during the past 20 years and prides himself knowing the positive impact he’s made on the thousands of individual investors he has touched.

After a successful career in finance, Costas recently relocated to the coastal region in the Carolinas and enjoys spending quality time with his family and the “low country” lifestyle.

Today, Costas is semi-retired but was honored when asked to rejoin his former colleagues and come on board with True Market Insiders as contributor and champion for the self-directed individual investor.