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    • Daily Sector Prophets Power Alerts -- This is the Holy Grail for Sector Traders! Each week, you’ll get SIX of our highest conviction trades… along with a basket of alerts designed to help you spot the fastest, easiest, biggest, and safest gains in the market today.

    • Weekly Sector Prophets Spotlight – Each week, you’ll also get in-depth reflection on one of the alerts we gave during the week. This connects the dots between “Here’s a great trade to consider”, to “Here’s what happened with that trade and why”

    • 24/7 Access to The Ultimate Sector Research Platform – Not only will you get hand-picked trades from our team, you’ll also get access to our entire research platform so you can find even more trade ideas.

    • 24/7 Access to Our 11 Professional Tools –  Position Size, ETF Listings, Open & Closed Equity, Historical ATR, Major Index Breadth, Sector Breadth, All BPI’s, E.W. Sectors / Sector RS / Matrix History, Sector RS Matrix, Options Quotes, Options...This is what separates the sector traders that “get it” from the ones that DO IT.

    • The Sector Prophets Position Key – You can put in positions you actually hold to match our platform with your exact account, or put in hypotheticals so you can track positions freely. This lets you get more engaged with the sectors, it gets you accountable, and it gets you trading.

    • BONUS Special Videos & Webinars – Get access to special videos, webinars, and other members-only Sector Prophets educational materials as they’re released!

    • 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee  – Take Sector Prophets Pro for a two-month “test drive.” Watch the videos. Enjoy and learn from the weekly market analyses... Make some trades… And if within 60 days if you don't think Sector Prophets is the most important “mission control” platform in your investing life…Give us a call and we'll issue a credit to your account. No questions asked!


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  • Real-time Customizable sector alerts -- for life! 
  • The best stocks and ETFs to buy -- for life!
  • 24/7 Access to the FULL suite of trading tools -- for life!
  • Weekly sector "Spotlights" shows you what giant funds are buying and selling... 
  • A growing library of investing “How To” videos and other tutorials...
  • Chris Rowe's live Q&A, market/sector analysis, and trade ideas 2x/week for your first two months (and maybe a lot more).


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