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Today’s Column Might Have Been Written by a Robot

. Hi there… If you stopped by this column last week, you know that we began with a one-question pop quiz. Let’s do that again today. Ready? The question is: Did I, Costas Bocelli, write those previous three sentences?/ And…

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What Do Support and Resistance REALLY Mean?

. At True Market Insiders, we offer Trading services, data products, and financial/investing education. In fact, we offer "the financial education you should have gotten." Today's article, from last spring, covers one of the foundational ideas in all of investing. Enjoy!…

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Know How Much NFLX Will Move Post-Earnings? Now You Do!

. It’s earnings season again, and as usual, prognosticators are coming out of the woodwork to offer their two cents on whether companies will beat or miss expectations for Q4 2022. Considering the less-than-stellar track record of most financial “gurus”…

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Here's One ETF You Never Want to Buy

. Editor's Note:   The following piece is a "Costas classic" from March, 2012. As a market cautionary tale, it should prove useful to our new readers, and a valuable reminder to everyone else. **************************** Recently we got an ugly glimpse…

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