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How to Profit in a Down Market

Many professional traders, stockbrokers, hedge fund managers, and individual investors find it difficult to go negative on the market. However, folks who make money are the ones who realize that the market can trade both up and down, and then…

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Costas Answers a Burning Trade Question

Welcome to the new Friday edition of True Market Insider. It’s dedicated to addressing any questions you may have about our various trading strategies or anything else pertaining to the markets. Today, we’re featuring questions from a reader regarding covered call…

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How to Trade Almost Any Stock for Pennies on the Dollar

U.S. Equities is a massive asset class. The total market capitalization equals more than $35 trillion. And you’ll find most of that value in stocks belong to one of the three major stock market averages -- S&P 500, NASDAQ Composite, and…

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It's Time for Bitcoin Again

One does not have to be a "crypto-crazy" to know that Bitcoin and Ethereum are both real assets. They are no less real then cash, debt, or any other digital currency. That’s right, I called Cash digital currency. Most cash…

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How to Make "Winning" Your Middle Name

As you know, stock charts are more than pretty pictures. We use them to identify trends early so we can act on them by trading in the direction of the prevailing trend.  The idea is not to try to anticipate what the…

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This Tool Is a Technical Trader's "Bread and Butter"

Today, let's talk about every technical trader's "bread and butter." I'm talking about Moving Averages (MAs). Moving averages are lines plotted on a chart that smooth out data and make it easy to spot trends. Smoothing the data is helpful because…

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This May Be the Closest Thing to a Crystal Ball

I want you to think back to your first-grade math class for a moment… Because if you can add two numbers together, then you have what it takes to learn one of the most powerful forecasting techniques used by the…

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