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Play Defense with These Two Overlooked Funds

Dear Readers, In last week's article, I stated, "And when the current bounce is over, I expect the downward trend to continue. That is indeed what has happened as growth stocks  continue to sell off and with increasing downside momentum.…

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The Mother of All Rotations is Happening Now

Dear Readers, Here we are just two weeks into the New Year and the market is getting very interesting. By very interesting, I mean, the mother of all rotations is underway.  If you get this wrong, it will cost you…

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Fed Rate Hike Is Giving America An Economic Wedgie

It’s just uncomfortable… What the big fund managers would like to be doing right now is buying technology, consumer discretionary, and other risk-on stocks.  Instead, they’re in a defensive posture. Take a look at these top-ranked sectors based on relative…

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Micro-Cap Monday - How to Profit From a Long, Cold Winter

UPDATE: There will be no "Micro-Cap Monday" on January 17, 2022. It's Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, a federal holiday, and both the stock market and True Market Insiders will be closed.  **************** Hi there... "Big Bill" here. Last fall,…

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Car Prices Driving You Crazy? Here’s How to Stay Sane

Hi, it's Karen. There seem to be two mindsets when it comes to cars.  Enthusiasts are as passionate about them as they are about anything—or anyone else in their lives. They grow emotionally attached to their cars, call them Betsy,…

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Take a ‘Cheaper’ Bite Out of This $3 Trillion Company 

Apple (AAPL) has never really been consumed with being first at anything, although the Macintosh computer and iPhone certainly fit that bill. For the company’s original CEO Steve Jobs, and his successor Tim Cook, it’s always been more about taking…

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