Urgent: “America’s Tech Boom 2.0 Is Here”


Recover Lost Profits With This Simple Strategy

We've all been there at one point or another. After a losing trade you tell yourself, "Damn! I took (what, in hindsight, was) a silly risk and lost a huge amount of money." No big deal, right? No, not yet…

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This Restaurant Stock Could Serve Up a 30% Profit by August

One of my favorite movies is The Founder. It’s a dramatized version of the corporate maneuvers that created the McDonald's restaurant empire. The film focuses on the scheming of “founder” Ray Kroc as he wrests control from the real founders,…

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AAPL Is Winning Big and So is the Rest of Tech

The Technology sector has dominated the stock market for years. Only recently have we seen it show any signs of weakness. And it’s no wonder with all of the chaos caused by the global pandemic. But our Sector Prophets Pro…

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How to Profit from Wall Street's Hidden Trades

The summer heat is on, and my kids are spending lots of time at our HOA’s pool.   For today’s topic I will be discussing pools… but not the kind you swim in.   Instead, we're diving  into… dark pools. Did you…

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Technical Tuesday: Quick and Dirty Strength Analysis

A lot of investors think that effective stock market analysis requires detailed algorithms and complex math.  Now, both sophisticated math and algorithmic models can play a major role in investing, especially when it’s time to pick the right stock for…

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How to Grow a Quick 20% Profit in the Real Estate Sector

I credit a friend of mine, an Atlanta-based mutual fund manager, for  showing me years ago how to find the low-priced “backdoors” to stock market trends big and small. For example, back in the 1990s, laser office printers were a…

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What It Takes to be KING of the Mountain

I’ve never hiked Mt. Everest, but I’ve seen the documentaries. Looks insane to me. When you reach really high altitudes, the air starts to get thin and really cold. While I’ve never hiked Everest, I know that once you get…

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Trading is Hard. Here's How You Can Do Better.

Trading can be hard.  And not because investors lack the technology.  Today, you can choose to invest using a myriad of amazing technology platforms. In addition, innovative products such as Exchange Trade Funds (ETFs) allow investors to invest in any…

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