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Flying Doesn't Scare Me - Airports Do!

My friends were aghast that I went to Barcelona, Spain on March 6th. And no wonder. With the worldwide spread of the coronavirus, it was easy to make a case for eating my plane ticket and staying home. But I…

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How to Turbo Charge Gold (While Taking Just Half the Risk)

Virus volatility has pummeled practically every major asset class. Panicked investors desperate for cash are selling anything they can, whether by their own volition or by force (think margin calls). The market landscape has truly become a “baby being thrown…

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An In-Person Look at Spain’s Coronavirus Lockdown

I awoke to a booming loudspeaker from the street below my third-floor balcony: “Atención, quédate en tu casa!” It was the police, ordering people to stop milling around the neighborhood and go home. That neighborhood is known as Rambla del…

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Small-Cap Sunday - Bulls Are Beginning to Drool

Happy Sunday friends. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you're adjusting to the new coronavirus reality. The market just put on one of the most dramatic displays any of us has ever seen. Down 1,000 points today... Up 1,000…

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This Single (Expensive) Mistake Can Torpedo Your Account

A friend of mine lamented that his portfolio lost $11,000 in value due to the market’s coronavirus tank job. And that was before Monday’s historic 2,000-point free-fall! Too bad he’s not a True Market Insider reader. If he were, he’d…

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Small-Cap Saturday - If Small-Caps Fall, We Get Paid

Happy Saturday! Thanks for stopping by. In last week's conversation you got to see one way to hedge your downside when the market turns volatile and a little scary. The ETF I recommended, the ProShares Short S&P500 (SH), is down…

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Is THIS the Bottom?

Back on February 4th (green arrow), I sent one of many articles about the coming decline in stock prices. But in this particular article, I gave you a specific trade on a specific sector ETF - the SPDR Industrials Sector…

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