WATCH: The 4 Stage Stock Market Cycle


Technical Tuesday - The New Bull Market Is Upon Us!

. The market just finished its strongest October since 1976. The Dow Jones Industrials gained +13.95% while the S&P 500 added +7.98% in value. Even the woeful Nasdaq Composite managed to post an almost +3.90% advance on the month. But…

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[VIDEO] How to Spot a Market Bottom

. Hi there... Below is a YouTube video I posted not too long ago detailing how anyone can spot a market bottom.  In this timely video, I reveal the THREE stock market signs you need to watch out for and…

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“Guns and Gushers” – Smart Money Piles In

. Is the U.S. political system on the verge of a “Red Wave?” We’ll know soon enough, after the midterm elections on November 8th. For insight, we can turn to the betting markets. According to PredictIt data, the Republicans have…

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Is It Time To Be "That Guy?"

. Editor's Note: With the market showing signs that the current bear market is ending and the next bull run is perhaps about to begin, we thought the following, from November, 2018 would prove useful and timely. Here, Chris cautions…

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[VIDEO] Tuesday Morning Quarterbacks

. Hi there... Below is the latest installment of our new video feature -- "Tuesday Morning Quarterbacks." It stars Chris Rowe, Costas Bocelli and Bill Spencer. Every Tuesday they "huddle" and, using Monday's price action, they suss out what the…

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Micro-Cap Monday - Bullish Opportunities Abound

. The market lately has been restoring peoples' faith. Last week we saw all five major averages finish in the black. The standout for the week was the Nasdaq Composite, which closed Friday up +5.21%. The laggard was the small-cap S&P 600.…

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Bonus Video Featuring Special Guest Lance Ippolito

. Hi... Chris here... Today we have something special for you. It's a recording of a special edition of my Wealth Shield Live Trading Room where twice each week I mentor a select group of True Market Insider readers. Today I was…

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