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RFID Technology: Knock that Chip off Your Shoulder

Hi, Karen Riccio again. Imagine for a moment that you had a superpower that let you open doors, turn on lights, reboot your computer, and operate most anything without lifting a finger.  That’s not some sort of futuristic fantasy.  In…

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Understand This and You Have the Keys to the Kingdom

During a recent live webinar, a participant asked a question about "expectancy." It was a great question, but I was somewhat surprised because so few investors understand or even know what "expectancy" is. I would argue that expectancy is one…

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The Helium Shortage is Real, Just ask Big Tech

The shrinking supply of helium has been a concern of the scientific and medical communities for more than a decade.  But articles about this unique and finite element mostly appeared in academic journals, leaving the rest of the world largely…

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Did Investors Just Call THE Bottom?

I could write a book this thick on the methods investors use to gain insight into the stock market’s future direction.  If these tools of the trade worked consistently, I assume we’d have way more billionaires in the world than…

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Do You Know Your Alternatives?

Last week I discussed why I believe the next 10 years in the market will likely be vastly different from the past 10 years. That is, when you consider lower traditional equity returns and bond yields, and increasing correlations across…

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The 6 Best Buys to Hedge Against the Next Covid Variant

When it comes to investing in the stock market, my approach won’t change no matter what health risks these coronavirus variants throw at us. It doesn’t need to change. Relative strength and sector rotation  analysis apply no matter what new…

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