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Our Energy Grid Is Under Attack - Part 1

It was a warm October morning in 2019.  I was headed out for my daily caffeine fix, and as I drove I sensed something weird with the sky. There was a strange, giant grey cloud on the horizon. At first…

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Does This Indicator Spell Doom for the Stock Market?

The dreaded “Death Cross”… Sounds scary, doesn’t it? It’s one of the oldest technical indicators in the book. And get this.  It was triggered just this past week (On Tuesday, March 30th). If you’re unfamiliar with this technical indicator, you…

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We’re All In This Coronavirus Thing Together

Hi there... I was sitting in my rented flat in Barcelona, be-bopping to “Life During Wartime” by the Talking Heads (an appropriate number considering the state of the world right now). Then my cell phone brought me back to reality.…

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Money management isn't that difficult, as long as you haven't been programmed by the financial media and the investment industry for your entire life. So in other words, it can be very difficult for most people. You probably keep reading…

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Small-Cap Sunday - This Sector Is a Victim of the Feds

Hi there... Thanks for stopping by, and quarantine or no quarantine, I promise you that this weekend conversation will remain open for the duration. The market has begun making the expected "next leg lower" we've been talking about. And as…

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Grab Your "Quarantine Cash" Today!

The normalcy of life has been upended. Practically the entire country (and most of the world for that matter) has come to a screeching halt as everyone "shelters-in-place" in hopes of taming the coronavirus. The ramifications have been severe and…

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Are you ready for the next leg lower?

We all know it's going to happen. It's like that second bomb that goes off after a terrorist draws in scores of good samaritans wanting to help those who were injured from the first explosion. This time, the terrorist is…

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The Fed Goes “All In” - Should YOU?

“I’m all in.” If you’re familiar with no-limit poker, then you know that "all in" is a move that can put a player’s entire stack of chips at risk. So why go all in? Two reasons. The first is to turn…

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