WATCH: The 4 Stage Stock Market Cycle


Answers to Some of Your Options Questions ...

I read through your comments that we allow you to enter at the bottom of each Tycoon Report (by clicking on the link allowing you to rate the article.)  I’m telling you, I really get a kick out of reading…

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The money in the options

Okay everyone, I’m happy to say that last Thursday's Tycoon report seemed to go over well with a large percentage of our readers. I decided to make it sort of a Q&A where I answered a bunch of questions that…

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How to Profit From "The January Effect"

As we finish up the year and you are wondering what to expect  from the stock market, keep in mind that we are going into the time period when we almost always experience what we call "the January effect." "The…

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Why the Oil Boom is Just Beginning

Hi there. I hope that you listened to what I said in my March 23rd article on crude oil. We've seen significant strength come into energy stocks, mainly due to the increased price of light sweet crude. There are two…

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