WATCH: The 4 Stage Stock Market Cycle


Technical Analysis Vs. Fundamental Analysis

When we analyze a company, we use fundamental analysis. When we analyze a stock, we use technical analysis. A “trader,” is more likely to use technical analysis because it is known to more accurately assist in predicting the short term…

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Should You Short that Stock or Buy the Put?

In markets like this I speak to professional traders, stock brokers,hedge fund managers and individual investors.  It amazes me howmany of them still seem to have the same problem: finding it difficultto go negative on the market.  Not because they…

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Risk Less, Profit Big.

Most people think that big percentage profits come with big risk. If you are an options trader, you know how to reduce the power of the market, and therefore reduce your risk. “Reducing risk” doesn’t necessarily mean “taking away from…

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Profit More With Higher Priced Options

I recently opened an e-mail from a member of The Trend Rider who had asked me what I think about an energy company that I have touted in the past. He owns call options.  He wanted to know if we…

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