Urgent: “America’s Tech Boom 2.0 Is Here”


How to Brace Your Portfolio for a Market Correction

In 30 years of investing, I’ve seen this movie countless times. It’s the doldrums of summer. The market moves inexorably higher. The talking heads on CNBC tell us “C’mon on in, the water’s fine.” But in our hearts and minds,…

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Don’t Listen to TINA!

Today I am going to suggest you do something slightly rude...   When you hear TINA brought up in a conversation, shut your ears.  Don’t listen to TINA.  Chances are you know the TINA I am talking about. She's the…

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Technical Tuesday - Declines to Come and Strength to Follow

You know, I’ve been managing money and analyzing the market for almost 25 years. And right now I’m seeing something we rarely see. Specifically, the stock market is sending out two very conflicting messages. (If you're not up for the…

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Micro-Cap Monday - Here's 2 Smart Earnings Plays for You

Hello, Bill Spencer here. Thanks for joining me. It’s that time again... And I don’t mean just mean summertime, with its BBQs, trips to the beach… and its face-melting heat and humidity. (On Saturday, a friend of mine out west said…

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This Stock Is Advertising a 119% Gain in 4 Weeks

Hi... When there’s a summer hurricane or tropical storm off the Carolinas, I often spy a curious phenomenon at the beach near my house. For a few days, the roads fill with surfers, boards strapped to their cars or stacked…

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Buy Sector Strength to Outperform the Market

I’m all about outperforming the market. If I weren’t, I wouldn’t do anything other than buy a benchmark ETF like the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY) and just sit on it.  That’s all you have to do if you want…

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Ex "Skews" Me But This Indicator is Flashing a Warning

Hi, Tim here… First a little recap before we dive into today’s topic.  The broad markets finished higher in June with growth/technology stocks leading the way. This was a reversal of the trend over the last few months, where reopening…

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