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Small-Cap Monday - It's Earnings Time: Here Are 2 Ways to Profit

Hi... Happy Columbus Day. If you happen to not celebrate this particular holiday... Then Happy Monday! Last Monday, President Donald Trump returned to work, COVID-free. Politics aside, it's great to see Trump (or anyone) shrug off coronavirus. And on Wednesday, Fed Chairman Jerome…

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Here's Why THIS Chart Should Be Your Favorite

Hi there... And T.G.I.F (Am I right?) Today, we open up our bulging inbox to field another excellent question. This one is from savvy reader Mike T., who asks... Hi Bill. Why do we worry so much about the NYSE BPI?…

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Don’t Let Uncle Sam Screw You Over Anymore!

It’s zero interest rates… forever! If you’re an investor in search of income, that’s the stone cold reality for today -- and for the foreseeable future, as well. Just have a look at the yield investors are fetching for Uncle…

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How to Tighten the "Nuts and Bolts" of Your Investment Strategy

When you invest in the sectors that are outperforming the market, you dramatically increase your odds of picking stocks that will outperform the market. And you can drill down even further... By focusing on stocks that are outperforming that particular strong sector,…

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5 Essential Trading Tips I Learned on Wall Street

Today, I'm going to give you something that (I hope) will stay with you for the rest of your days (and may there be many, many more of them)! I have pages and pages of trading tips that I’ve jotted down…

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Letter From a Former TMI Skeptic

Normally on Fridays, one of our editors answers a question from readers like you. Today will be a little different, as the issue I address didn’t really come in the form of a question. But it did offer some insights…

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September Correction... October Crash?

September gets a bad rap for being a crumby month for stocks. And rightly so… According to Yardeni Research, September has generated the worst returns (-1.0%) in the S&P 500 Index since 1928: . And this year, September has certainly lived…

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Buy the Gold and Silver Miners Dip Right NOW

My friend Gordon sent me a panicked email over the weekend. I could just picture him staring at his portfolio and reading everything he could about gold prices. All he could see was the recent decline in his mining stocks.…

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Here's How to Play the Election Correction

Happy Tuesday! Today, I bring you a special treat. I’m going to detail a handy risk-management approach most folks wouldn't even believe exists -- that is, if I weren’t able to prove it to you right here in this issue…

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