URGENT: Critical Warning to ALL American Stock Investors “Do this by November 2nd”


Taking A Risk On Technology The Smart Way

The Technology sector is getting hit hard in the recent market correction. That makes sense considering the quick jump in interest rates we’ve seen recently. (Chris Rowe talked about how investors should look at quick interest rates moves in his…

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Bill Gates Owns This and So Should You

How can you profit from inflation?  The traditional way suggests owning commodities such as oil, agriculture, and basic materials like copper and aluminum. But something not often talked about is farmland. Surprising, given it's performance. Farmland has historically delivered strong…

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Technical Tuesday: Will Interest Rates Crush the Stock Market?

This is a popular question… and unfortunately, a dangerous one...   The mainstream financial media keeps investors from thinking about what’s important, which leads to expensive mistakes. So, Do Interest Rates Really Matter? Heck yes.   But “higher interest rates means lower…

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These Energy Markets Are Waking Up Again

I remember when it felt like every market conversation turned to Energy. Markets like WTI Crude Oil (CL), Natural Gas (NG), and Gasoline (RB) were always on the move. (Not up to reading? Watch the video version below instead.) Click…

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Cash in on Coal’s Record Prices, Soaring Demand

Coal’s back in the news again, and companies like Apple and Tesla aren’t happy campers. Let me explain... This time, it’s about how coal shortages recently forced China to cut off power and stop production at many factories on its…

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Technical Tuesday: Options Now Predict Massive Moves in Stocks

According to the Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE), more than 30 million Call and Put options were traded on the U.S. exchanges yesterday.  They’re popularity is undeniable. And if you truly understand how they work, they can make all…

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If My Son and I Can Profit From This, You Can Too

If you think the term “naked options” means you can choose whether to wear clothes, you need to read this article. If you relate the word “Put” to an Olympic track-and-field event, you need to read this article. If “out…

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