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The (Falling) Knives Are Out For Tesla

. Cue the theme from Jaws… The sharks are circling… There’s blood in the water... And the bleeding swimmer attracting all those Hammerheads and Great Whites is Tesla (TSLA). The stock is getting smashed by relentless distribution that’s driven it…

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Tesla Cars Exploded, Then Imploded... What's Next?

I sometimes write about a magical island that I've spent quite a bit of time on, off of Mystic, Connecticut called Masons Island. Specifically, I've described my family's history and the people who live on the island, where, in 1932,…

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7 Reasons Options Belong in Your Investing Toolbox (Part 3)

. Hello and welcome back. Throughout this three-part series, we’ve discussed the first four of seven major advantages options provide. Two weeks ago, we discussed the ways that options: Let you use leverage to achieve cost efficiency... Let you profit…

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Here's the Biggest Lie About the Stock Market

. The market just endured a two-week decline, with major averages falling from between -4.85% (the Dow Jones) and -8.24% (The Russell 2000). Does that mean "the sky is falling" and that it's time to be defensive, if not outright…

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Here's Your New Favorite Trading Tool (Part 1)

. Today I want to share some tips certain to make your investing life easier. I mean the mighty Checklist. Please note that I wrote the following back in 2020. So the charts shown are of course not current. But the…

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Technical Tuesday - Red Dragon Bull Market?

. At True Market Inside, we break the market into 41 industry groups… and 4 international groups – International - China… International - Europe… International - Asia Pacific and International - Latin America. We do this because the US stock…

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