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Bear Market Bottom? Or Bull Trap?

. Hello again... Costas here. September has certainly lived up to its reputation as being a crumby month for stocks. Even with yesterday’s relief rally off of the June lows, the S&P 500 is down -6% for the month. And…

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More Proof that Technical Analysis Is Awesome

. Hi, Big Bill here... Today I want to update something I wrote back on January 28. It's a defense of technical analysis (TA) which, shockingly, still needs defending in this day and age. Back in January, I promised to…

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Technical Tuesday - The Final Selloff Starts In 7 Days

. Every three years, on average, the stock market does what it’s doing right now - creating one of the greatest buying opportunities you’ll ever enjoy. It’s washing out and forming a long-term bottom. If that previous sentence seemed dry…

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How To Grab Your “Bear Market Bucks”

. Higher for longer… That was the latest message from the Federal Reserve when yesterday afternoon the rate-setting committee hiked short-term rates 75 basis points for the third time in four months. The Fed Funds Rate, the overnight lending rate…

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Is This Indicator The Bear Market Killer?

. September is a kinda special month, ya know. Yeah, for most ordinary investors, it’s “specially” crumby as it's notoriously known to suck dollars from your investment account. Just take Tuesday's shellacking after the release of a cozy warm inflation…

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These 5 Stocks Didn’t Get the Bear-Memo

There's one small handful of stocks that are raging... just making ferocious moves to the upside.  And not because sellers merely moved out of the way.  It's the strength in the buying, the stampede of bulls that are accumulating huge…

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