WATCH: The 4 Stage Stock Market Cycle


What Is Proof of Stake? Ethereum’s New Model Explained

  Ethereum (ETH) has taken over headlines the last few weeks as the blockchain network finally wheels out its highly anticipated upgrade. The “Merge” involves one major change to the structure of the network.  It’s moving from a proof of…

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How To Protect Yourself From the Bear Trap

  The stock market has a way of providing false hope when it’s struggling.  Technically, we’ve been in a bear market for quite some time. Here at True Market Insiders we’ve been waving the bear market flag long before most…

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This Coin is Poised to Take the Crypto Crown

  It’s late August, but in the crypto world it’s the middle of Winter. People have sold their digital assets like leaves falling off the trees, but this isn’t the first time we’ve seen the cryptocurrency market react this way. …

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Is The Bear Market Rally Over?

  Don’t tell the market prices what to do. Let market price tell YOU what to do.   If the S&P 500 was a person, it hit its head hard last Tuesday and knocked itself silly. A good metaphor for this…

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Micro-Cap Monday - Cut Your Risk With Micro-Caps

. Hey there, Bill Spencer here... By the time you read this, I’ll be in the beautiful French Quarter of beautiful New Orleans. I'm not on vacation. I'm meeting with Chris Rowe so we can start doing some serious advance…

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This Indicator is TMI’s Sixth Sense

  “You see it in the price before you see it in the news.” These are wise words from my friend and colleague Chris Rowe. He’s been stressing this truism lately, and I couldn’t agree more. Especially when I’m alerted…

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Bitcoin Bear Market Rally: What You Need To Know

  There’s no denying that cryptocurrencies in general are notoriously volatile.  Doubters of cryptocurrencies use any market movement as proof that crypto is an illegitimate investment. They promote the idea that it holds no long-term value, and they create fear…

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