WATCH: The must see event of 2023 - Chris Rowe’s Hyperstage Summit


Answering Your Questions About Today’s Market

Good morning! Before last Wednesday, I had never done a Facebook Live event before. It was a great experience!  I had a nice big audience and everyone’s level of engagement was fantastic. I’ll definitely be doing as many of these…

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Micro-Cap Monday - The Different Types of Inflation

Hi there... As we enter the final week of National Financial Literacy Month, we're going to tackle a subject everyone talks about but few really understand. I'm talking about inflation. Inflation is more than some academic subject. It directly impacts the…

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Which Is The Best Trading Platform?

Hey there….  It’s still April, and so today I have another article for you in observance of Financial Literacy Month. The “which trading platform is best” debate seems never ending.  Considering they’re software products that require regular updates, it makes…

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7 Things Causing This Bear Market

For the first time in my career, today at 12 pm EST, I will be going live on Facebook. You may be wondering why I chose today to make my Facebook live debut. It’s because there is a major market…

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