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While the Fed Is in Crypto Limbo, Some States Move Forward

When President Biden proposed a bill requiring cryptocurrency investors to pay a minimum 20% tax on unrealized gains, people called it unconstitutional.  So in March, he modified the bill so it would direct agencies to coordinate efforts to regulate cryptocurrencies…

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Invest in This Chipmaker for 'Hyper' Growth

Supply chain disruptions shined a spotlight on the semiconductor industry and a shortage of chips.  You probably saw how the mainstream media made a really big deal about how the chip shortage impacted the supply of cars, and was the…

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Goldman Sachs Enters Cryptocurrency Revolution

It’s an exciting time for digital assets. It seems like every week there is another big story revolving around cryptocurrencies, the metaverse, or NFTs. (Click any image to enlarge.) We’re beginning to see more Wall Street traditionalists dip their hands…

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It's Long-Term Investors DREAM Spot

Of the thousands of articles I've sent to tens of millions of followers, I've only said something like this a small handful of times. If you're a long-term investor then this is your super-bowl. If you're like 99% of investors…

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Today’s E.F. Hutton Says… And You Better Listen

You probably recall or at least heard of the hugely popular 1970s commercial for a stock brokerage that used the catchphrase, “When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen.” The campaign showed people going about their everyday business, taking a jog, boarding…

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