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Dispersion is a Sector Investor’s Best Friend

Regardless of how many times the Fed hikes interest rates, or whether Russia invades Ukraine, or lord forbid, Chicken Little is heard squawking “the sky is falling” up and down Wall Street… None of that should dictate your investments. And…

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Get Ready for a Huge Buying Opportunity

Investors are typically too caught up in the now to consider what's most important to any investor: What's going to happen next? Let's stay ahead of the game and talk about what's around the corner so you're prepared. The stock…

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Now’s the Time to Add Steel to Your Portfolio

Tap/click a link to jump to a section The Technical Attributes of the Iron Steel Sector What a Steel Iron Investment Represents For You As I always teach, you need to stay two-steps ahead of the market.  Relative strength analysis…

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Bet on the Bengals or Rams Or This Gaming Stock?

Karen Riccio here. Are you ready for some football? The Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals meet on Sunday in the Rams’ house—Sofi Stadium—for Super Bowl LVI (that’s 56 if you’ve forgotten your Roman numerals). This annual football extravaganza exudes…

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What that -5.26% January Start Says About 2022

The January performance of the S&P 500 INDEX (^SPX) was the fourth worst start to a year since 1987. If you know me, you know I’m not being negative. I love this market environment. It’s full of opportunity. But the…

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