WATCH: The 4 Stage Stock Market Cycle


Dispersion is a Sector Investor’s Best Friend

Regardless of how many times the Fed hikes interest rates, or whether Russia invades Ukraine, or lord forbid, Chicken Little is heard squawking “the sky is falling” up and down Wall Street… None of that should dictate your investments. And…

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Powerful Forces are Working Against Your Portfolio

Hi there... It would be an understatement to say that the market is looking a little dicey. It would be spot on to say that financial markets are off to one of their worst starts... ever. In today's article, I will…

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Get Ready for a Huge Buying Opportunity

Investors are typically too caught up in the now to consider what's most important to any investor: What's going to happen next? Let's stay ahead of the game and talk about what's around the corner so you're prepared. The stock…

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The Market Owes You Nothing - Here's What to Do When it Doesn't

There is a pervasive belief among investors, both individual and institutional,  that the market MUST return some particular percentage. Individuals have heard time and again the market returns 9-10% annually, and thus expect that and are disappointed when it doesn't…

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Now’s the Time to Add Steel to Your Portfolio

Tap/click a link to jump to a section The Technical Attributes of the Iron Steel Sector What a Steel Iron Investment Represents For You As I always teach, you need to stay two-steps ahead of the market.  Relative strength analysis…

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