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Micro-Cap Monday - That Time I Acted Like A D*ck

Hi there, and thanks for stopping by. I'm no saint, but I do strive to limit my misbehavior. At times I fail... About three years ago, in my zeal to defend technical analysis, I failed conspicuously to act charitably towards…

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If My Son and I Can Profit From This, You Can Too

Karen Riccio here. I'm still recuperating from last weekend's Bills' playoff loss. But here's a past article about options, and how trading them should be part of your investment repertoire.    If you think the term “naked options” means you…

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Are You "Chasing Nickels Around Dollar Bills?"

There's an old expression, "chasing nickels around dollar bills." It's a metaphor for focusing on the small details that really don't matter while ignoring what's really important. That saying applies to investing... What's really important right now is that the…

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3 Reasons This Is Scarier Than The COVID Crash

The market is scary right now, isn’t it? What should scare you more than the current market crash is not having a plan for when the market hits the bottom (which it will).  Because the market is going to either…

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How to Avoid What I Call ‘Retirement Hell’

Hello there. It’s Karen Riccio again. We all have our own different goals for when we want to retire and ideas about what a comfortable retirement  might look like.  But one goal I think we can all agree on is…

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Do NOT Short the Market - Do THIS Instead

“Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” You’ve likely said that to someone, or someone’s said it to you. Instead of coming right out and saying someone’s about to do something stupid or ill-advised,  that tactful phrase subtly points…

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Play Defense with These Two Overlooked Funds

Dear Readers, In last week's article, I stated, "And when the current bounce is over, I expect the downward trend to continue. That is indeed what has happened as growth stocks  continue to sell off and with increasing downside momentum.…

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