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These Energy Markets Are Waking Up Again

I remember when it felt like every market conversation turned to Energy. Markets like WTI Crude Oil (CL), Natural Gas (NG), and Gasoline (RB) were always on the move. (Not up to reading? Watch the video version below instead.) Click…

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If My Son and I Can Profit From This, You Can Too

If you think the term “naked options” means you can choose whether to wear clothes, you need to read this article. If you relate the word “Put” to an Olympic track-and-field event, you need to read this article. If “out…

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Here’s One Options Secret I Vowed Never to Tell

Today, I’m going to use my options knowledge to help you take your trading to another level. And that’s because I want you to have the same trading edge as the biggest investment institutions.  (Not up to reading? Watch the…

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Here’s A Tech Stock That’s Much Better than Cash

Did you hear about the two high profile and wealthy Fed regional presidents selling out of their individual stocks due to potential conflicts of interest?  (Not up to reading? Watch the video below instead.) Their plan is to put the…

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  I recorded this short video to say thank you to so many people, on this 20th anniversary of 9/11.  Please take a moment to watch it as it means the world to me and probably to you.  (Keep in…

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