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Don’t Do the “Right” Thing. Do This Instead.

If you find you're starting to doubt your "market sense" right now… you're probably not alone. Because let's be honest—the market has been nothing short of crazy for 2021.  One minute it's up, the next it's down. And it seems…

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Micro-Cap Monday - Is This Gambling Stock a 240% "Sure Thing?"

Hey there, Bill Spencer here. Thanks for stopping by. Recently, in our weekly True Market Editorial meeting, my team and I were discussing the pandemic. Naturally,  the discussion turned toward the latest developments among airlines, hotels and related travel industry…

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Make 167% on This Fed 'Tapering' Play

The Federal Reserve’s meeting in Jackson Hole today was virtual, but there’s a lot of real money to be made as Chair Jay Powell details his plans on monetary policy. While economists and financial pundits debate the merits of “tapering”…

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SNAP Benefits to Boost Supermarket Stocks

Come this October, benefits for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) are set to increase 25% per month—an all-time high. If you’re unfamiliar with SNAP, it used to be the food stamps program. According to the USDA, 42 million Americans…

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Wait! Don’t Fire Your Advisor Yet

I’ve heard savvy analysts, who I have a lot of respect for, inaccurately explain this market to me.   I can’t blame them. They don’t all use the Sector Prophets Pro platform.   And if you don’t use it either, then you…

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A Paper Packaging Company 'Schooling' the Forest Sector

Who knew you could suffer from “sticker shock” shopping for a school planner. My son wanted one—the kind with the calendar and blank pages to write down class assignments. It’s part of his “get organized” effort as he starts his…

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Technical Tuesday—You Don’t Ride a Bear

After you check out my latest life decision, below, I’ll show you why we call an up-market a “bull market” and a down-market a “bear market.” Done by Legendary Tattoo Artist at Skin Design Tattoo Hawaii in Honolulu: Ricky Pantera…

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Micro-Cap Monday - This Will Cut Your Micro-Cap Risk

Hey there, Bill Spencer here. By the time you read this, I’ll have made like Elvis and "left the building." I mean, I’m on vacation. Actually, this is the first non-working vacation I’ve had in almost ten years.  But, before I…

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