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Short, Medium, Long: Which Trade Do You Prefer?

Whether you prefer short-term, intermediate-term, or long-term trades, technical indicators for spotting—and successfully profiting from—all those types of trades are right at your fingertips. These tools of the trade are priceless. In fact, every editor here at TMI  relies on…

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Technical Tuesday - Be Bearish on Large-Caps - Here’s Why

Hi… If you’ve been following the market news, you might be feeling antsy. Let me show you why you shouldn’t be. In the short-term, expect downside but in the bigger picture/long-term, expect renewed strength.  Yesterday the Dow Jones Industrial Average…

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How to Brace Your Portfolio for a Market Correction

In 30 years of investing, I’ve seen this movie countless times. It’s the doldrums of summer. The market moves inexorably higher. The talking heads on CNBC tell us “C’mon on in, the water’s fine.” But in our hearts and minds,…

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