Urgent: “America’s Tech Boom 2.0 Is Here”


How to Grow a Quick 20% Profit in the Real Estate Sector

I credit a friend of mine, an Atlanta-based mutual fund manager, for  showing me years ago how to find the low-priced “backdoors” to stock market trends big and small. For example, back in the 1990s, laser office printers were a…

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What It Takes to be KING of the Mountain

I’ve never hiked Mt. Everest, but I’ve seen the documentaries. Looks insane to me. When you reach really high altitudes, the air starts to get thin and really cold. While I’ve never hiked Everest, I know that once you get…

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Trading is Hard. Here's How You Can Do Better.

Trading can be hard.  And not because investors lack the technology.  Today, you can choose to invest using a myriad of amazing technology platforms. In addition, innovative products such as Exchange Trade Funds (ETFs) allow investors to invest in any…

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Here's What the "7-1 month" List Is All About

Hi there... Today I have something special for you. It's a brief video about an indicator you probably haven't heard about. Although this indicator is not widely-known, it's extremely powerful. In a nutshell, it can not only put you into…

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This Chip Maker Is Set to Hand Us A Double-Digit Return

I’m jealous of my son and his computer. He’s at that age where using a “good enough” family computer really doesn’t cut it anymore. That’s especially true when you want to play the most complicated games on a PC that…

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Treasure Hunting in the Banks Sector

These really are unprecedented times. The market is playing with the all-time high it hit in May. The government started up the printing presses and that got the banks very excited. They’ve been surging hard. If you don’t have your…

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Special Alert - You MUST See Tim's Video on Gold

Hi... Chris here with an urgent update on a very exciting situation. Tim Fortier and I just held an exclusive Zoom call where we discuss the current market. Below is a 4-minute video of our session. Tim has been watching…

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Here's The Most Important Chart in Finance

Hello again. In my article last week, I discussed how inflation was going unchecked and discussed that one of the Fed's money press casualties was a weaker U.S. Dollar. Today, I'll share why this so important to everyone and the…

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