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The Secret to Lasting Investment Success

Today’s article will be more on the personal side with an important lesson to be learned.    Last week my family and I vacationed in northern Minnesota.  It’s a special place for me.  Many years ago, when I was the age…

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Eyeing 40+% Profits with this Vision Care Company

One of the best ways to find stocks is to zero in on those flying under the radar, not under the microscope of mainstream media. When the likes of CNBC or Bloomberg tout or throw a stock under the bus,…

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Here’s a Great Stock for an “Epicenter Investment”

Sometimes you just have to get your hands dirty... In the world of investing that can mean any number of things. Sometimes it means having to dig deep into your analysis, into places you wouldn’t normally think to go.  (Don't…

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Here's What Diets and Investments Have in Common

Editor's Note: Tim Fortier is enjoying a well-deserved vacation. He will return next Wed. Until then, enjoy the follow insight-laden gem from earlier this year. Hi there... Type “diet” into Google and you will get over 1,000,000,000 pages.   You'll…

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Recover Lost Profits With This Simple Strategy

We've all been there at one point or another. After a losing trade you tell yourself, "Damn! I took (what, in hindsight, was) a silly risk and lost a huge amount of money." No big deal, right? No, not yet…

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This Restaurant Stock Could Serve Up a 30% Profit by August

One of my favorite movies is The Founder. It’s a dramatized version of the corporate maneuvers that created the McDonald's restaurant empire. The film focuses on the scheming of “founder” Ray Kroc as he wrests control from the real founders,…

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AAPL Is Winning Big and So is the Rest of Tech

The Technology sector has dominated the stock market for years. Only recently have we seen it show any signs of weakness. And it’s no wonder with all of the chaos caused by the global pandemic. But our Sector Prophets Pro…

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