Urgent: “America’s Tech Boom 2.0 Is Here”


Who Else Wants a Quick 30% on this Oil Stock?

Hello... Happy Friday! A friend of mine and fellow trader used to do a very funny bit when he gave speeches about his trading strategy. In full Captain Obvious mode, he’d point to an up-trending stock chart and say “See…

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Time to Play the Commodities Card

Commodities and their relationship to inflation often throw consumers and investors for a loop. Some people think rising commodity prices cause inflation, but that’s not true. Fundamentally speaking, the price of lumber, pork, copper, oil, etc. increases because demand for…

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Getting Started with Technical Analysis

One of the interesting impacts of Covid-19 has been the increased interest in investing.  It was recently reported that Charles Schwab added 3.2 million clients in just the first quarter of 2021 alone. That's more than in all of 2020.…

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Why the Pandemic Is Likely Over - And How You Can Profit

“What’s the “twist” to the story?” That’s what I used to ask, back in my days as a financial reporter, whenever someone pitched a story about himself, his boss, or his company for the night’s business broadcast. Whether it’s a…

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Here's How to Profit from the Fed's Fiasco

Last week, the Federal Reserve wrapped up its April meeting and as expected, there were really no actual policy changes. The big takeaway was how the Fed is glossing over the rapid rise in inflation and calling it "transitory".  No…

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Technical Tuesday—These 5 Tickers are Strong & Stable

At True Market Insiders, our investing framework focuses on sectors. Sector trends are more stable, reliable, and timely than are trends in individual stocks.  Now, this stability doesn’t mean they can only return 5% -- 10% a year.  No, a…

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