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Micro-Cap Monday - "Dear Heroes..."

Hello and welcome to Micro-Cap Monday where we go big... by going small. Today is Memorial Day. I'll be sending the afternoon in Whitestone, NY with family and friends. That's much better than last year, when we all had to…

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Here's a Great "Backdoor" Play on Electric Vehicles

You know the old saying, “There’s always a bull market going on somewhere”? It’s true. The trick is knowing where to look for those bulls. That means identifying the right sector and stock, and then buying in before it becomes…

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Here's One Utility Gas Stock That Reeks of Profits

One of my favorite books is Tom Wolfe’s classic The Right Stuff about the early days of the space race. Not because I’m that big of a space buff, but because it’s an entertaining education in how people find answers…

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Who Else Wants a Quick 30% on this Oil Stock?

Hello... Happy Friday! A friend of mine and fellow trader used to do a very funny bit when he gave speeches about his trading strategy. In full Captain Obvious mode, he’d point to an up-trending stock chart and say “See…

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Time to Play the Commodities Card

Commodities and their relationship to inflation often throw consumers and investors for a loop. Some people think rising commodity prices cause inflation, but that’s not true. Fundamentally speaking, the price of lumber, pork, copper, oil, etc. increases because demand for…

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