WATCH: The 4 Stage Stock Market Cycle


The Steel Sector is #1 - Here's How to Play It

Years ago I remember watching Warren Buffett and his sidekick Charlie Munger from the press seating area at a Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting. Buffett, of course, commanded most of the attention. Munger, vice-chairman of the company,  prefered to play the…

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Sell in May? No Way!

We are about to close out another month of trading and enter the month of May.  Now, most of you know the old market adage, "Sell in May and go away". In fact, Chris Rowe just wrote a great piece…

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This Fed-Fueled REIT Could Hand You a Quick 50%

Editor's Note: Today we're very pleased to present a second fine column by guest editor Jeff Yastine. Jeff is a veteran market analyst and researcher with a vast knowledge of the financial markets. You can read more about Jeff here. ****************************…

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Copper - Well Worth Your Coin

One of the core concepts we teach at TMI is the idea of using relative strength to identify the "strongest of the strong" sectors of the market. Sometimes the difference in return between the market's average-performing and a top-performing sectors…

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Are "Max Gains" a Scam?

When it comes to my own industry (financial publishing), I'm probably 10x more skeptical and cynical than you are. I mean, I'm sure you've seen or experienced your fair share of scams.  Or to put it a tad softer than…

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