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Watch This Healthy Young Blonde Market

This morning I decided to watch the sun rise.  I parked my car at Deerfield Beach, (Florida). While sipping coffee #1 from my thermos, something caught my eye. First, a slow-walking man wearing jeans and an untucked shirt, clearly not…

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March Market Madness - The S&P's Top 4 Seeds

Let the 'Sweet 16' begin! March Madness is back after a one-year COVID hiatus, and the "Sweet 16" is set for one of the greatest tournaments in all of sports… …the NCAA Men’s Division 1 College Basketball Championship. The 2021…

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This is the Right Strategy at the Perfect Time

In this market, investors want a time machine. You might have experienced this lately: You're deciding whether to buy a small number of shares or a larger number of shares of stock. You buy a larger number of shares because,…

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Small-Cap Monday - Here's "A Tale of Two Proxies"

Hello... “Big Bill” Spencer here. Welcome to Small-Cap Monday, the best way to start any trading week. From time to time, one or more sharp readers will email asking which small cap index -- the Russell 2000 or the S&P…

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Bad Earnings + Strong Sectors = Stock Bargains

We may be a few months past the holidays, but this is a great time to go bargain shopping. The current earnings season, where companies disclose their financial picture for the previous quarter and give glimpses of the future, ends…

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The Sector Bell Curve Says 'Buy These ETFs'

I love simplicity, especially when I can take an intimidating topic and make anyone understand and embrace it. It’s a shame but investing often falls into that category. That’s because Wall Street gurus like to make it sound more complicated…

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