WATCH: The 4 Stage Stock Market Cycle


Investing Lessons from a Great American Surfer

If you've tried trading stocks recently, you may have noticed it's become more difficult.  Stocks that break out fail to follow through, and thus the markets have been trading in an up-and-down sawtooth pattern. There is more chop in this market…

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Watch This Healthy Young Blonde Market

This morning I decided to watch the sun rise.  I parked my car at Deerfield Beach, (Florida). While sipping coffee #1 from my thermos, something caught my eye. First, a slow-walking man wearing jeans and an untucked shirt, clearly not…

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March Market Madness - The S&P's Top 4 Seeds

Let the 'Sweet 16' begin! March Madness is back after a one-year COVID hiatus, and the "Sweet 16" is set for one of the greatest tournaments in all of sports… …the NCAA Men’s Division 1 College Basketball Championship. The 2021…

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Don't Place Another Trade Before Doing This

The majority of investment articles focus on what investors should buy. Rarely is there any discussion about what is the proper amount to invest. Yet, position sizing is one of the most important elements to your long-term success.  Get this…

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This is the Right Strategy at the Perfect Time

In this market, investors want a time machine. You might have experienced this lately: You're deciding whether to buy a small number of shares or a larger number of shares of stock. You buy a larger number of shares because,…

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Small-Cap Monday - Here's "A Tale of Two Proxies"

Hello... “Big Bill” Spencer here. Welcome to Small-Cap Monday, the best way to start any trading week. From time to time, one or more sharp readers will email asking which small cap index -- the Russell 2000 or the S&P…

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Bad Earnings + Strong Sectors = Stock Bargains

We may be a few months past the holidays, but this is a great time to go bargain shopping. The current earnings season, where companies disclose their financial picture for the previous quarter and give glimpses of the future, ends…

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A Portfolio to Last Your Lifetime

What would you do if you could only make one single investment to last your lifetime and the lifetime of your family? Would you invest in stocks?  Bonds?  Real estate?  Gold? How about cryptocurrencies or the newest craze, NFTs? It's…

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The Sector Bell Curve Says 'Buy These ETFs'

I love simplicity, especially when I can take an intimidating topic and make anyone understand and embrace it. It’s a shame but investing often falls into that category. That’s because Wall Street gurus like to make it sound more complicated…

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