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Here's Everything You Need to Spank the Market

Don’t believe everything Wall Street tells you.                    Gurus, talking heads, and hot-shot advisors use big words and unfamiliar phrases to confuse you.   They tout historical records and hoity-toity financial credentials to…

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This Idea Can Triple in a Month

Here I am, pounding the table again... As you know (if you’re one of the faithful), the most important part of stock investing is the behavior of the sector the stock is in. Yes, it is important to find those…

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Bank on These 2 ETFs as the Economy Re-Energizes

You’ve got to respect Sam Zell’s knowledge of real estate investing. It’s made him a billionaire after all. But, I'm not sure his pulse on amateur investors has much merit. He recently squawked to one financial network that the boom…

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Move Over Technology, There's a New Sector King

There’s been a shift in the sector winds ... starting with a slip in the Technology sector. Don’t get me wrong.  The sector represented most closely by the NASDAQ Composite hasn’t completely cooled off after outperforming all the other major…

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How to Know What the Market Will Do Next

Hi there... Sometimes we talk about complex investing in this space, and at other times we get back to basics.  Today is a back-to-basics day. One of the most common questions I get asked is some version of:  "How do I know…

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