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This Sector Is Going To CRUSH IT This Year

There’s a running joke making its way through the Real Estate industry: Home Buyer:  I’m thinking about buying a house, how’s the market? Agent:  Remember back in May when you were trying to find toilet paper… It’s kinda like that!…

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“President Burden” Robs Banks

.   Hi... Ironically, the way the stock market is behaving feels very much like the sociopolitical environment. It’s sort of chaotic Usually when markets are breaking highs, society and the economy are seeing blue skies ahead. But those aren’t…

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Small-Cap Monday - Want Income? Look to Small-Caps!

Chris Rowe here... The stock market is closed today for Martin Luther King Jr. day. Big Bill Spencer returns next Monday.  Until then, enjoy this updated classic essay about Small-Caps stocks and income. **************** Hi everybody... "Big Bill" Spencer here.…

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Get In Tune With Who YOU ARE in 2021

Everyone is wired differently.   It’s what sets us apart from each other. So it's a tremendous benefit to be aware of the social styles and personalities of the people that affect your decision making. As you engage people, you may approach…

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Investing in 2021 Starts Here

Happy New Year! Shortened visits notwithstanding, I did get to spend the holidays with some members of my family. My hope is that you did too! When we visited my wife’s side of the family, the dinner “small talk” centered…

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Is It Time To Be "That Guy?"

Over the years, I’ve communicated with thousands of individual and professional investors. And "tied for first" on the list of mistakes is: an unwillingness to change one's stance on the financial markets. Don't get me wrong.  "Sticking to your guns"…

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