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Small-Cap Monday - Will This Biotech Gain Another 385%?

Hello. Happy Thanksgiving week. After its torrid run of the previous week, the stock market this past week displayed something of a bi-polar posture. Between last Friday's lose and this Friday's close, the big-cap Dow Jones Industrials and S&P 500 took…

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If these 5 stocks don't quadruple, I'll be shocked

By now you likely know the most important part of stock investing is the behavior of the sector it's in. Sure, it's fun to own stock in a company that's making exciting technological breakthroughs or revolutionizing medicine. But it's the…

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BUY the ____ out of this market, like now.

Forget what your advisor says. Forget what your e-letter writer and your webinar investing guru says. Please forget what CNBC says. This week, and for a full week, you get to take a sneak peek at the winning lottery numbers.…

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Small-Cap Monday - The Election's Over - Let's Cash In

Happy Monday my friend... Absent any last-minute bombshell from the courts, Joe Biden is the President-elect of the United States. If the election teaches us anything, it's that so-called experts can be the most clueless folks in the room. On…

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Here's Your #1 Post-Election Move

Hi there... Today's conversation will be a tad brief... Which is fine, because I'm going to tell you THE most important thing you should be doing right now. Today is Election Day in the US. The country just spent 12…

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