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Selling Naked Put Options - Weapons of Mass Destruction?

Happy Friday! Costas Bocelli here with this week’s True Market Friday Mailbag. Today’s question comes from Sue G., a loyal reader of True Market Insiders and a paid subscriber to Sector Prophets Pro, our data analytics product, who asks... Hey…

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Are There Zombies in Your Index?

With Halloween just around the corner, our thoughts turn to goblins and gremlins and witches and ghosts. But zombies in your index?     In my previous article, I discussed the disparity of performance among S&P 500 stocks. And we looked at…

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This China Trade Is a Win, No Matter Who Gets Elected

Unfortunately, folks have rebranded China, associating it with CV, or whatever Trump is harping on. Remember a few years ago? American investors associated China with growth opportunity. Its economic might and resilience was undeniable, and capturing the next profit opportunity…

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Small-Cap Monday - Can These 5 Stocks Rescue the Market?

Hello and happy Monday. Thanks for stopping by. We're 15 days away from what could be the most consequential Presidential election in U.S. history. And it's happening just as coronavirus begins staging a comeback. Already 11 U.S. states are seeing…

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Can Workhorse (WKHS) Keep on Truckin'?

In this edition of True Market Insider, Bill B. asks: Do you have any information on the coming merger of DPHC/WKHS? Who is Lordstown Motors to WKHS, (and) what is going to happen to WKHS' stock price? First off, DPHC…

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Get Paid Every Month With These 3 Stocks

If you’re an investor in search of income, it’s getting harder and harder to find safe, reliable, and relatively high yields. Central banks have declared war on income investors and savers. And make no mistake, you are in their crosshairs.…

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What's In YOUR Index?

Editor's Note: We have something special for you today. It’s the “kick off” column from guest editor Tim Fortier. And you’re in good hands. Because Tim has spent his entire 30+ year career in the financial markets. He's an award-winning entrepreneur,…

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The Best Trading Advice You'll Ever Receive

If all the drama surrounding the upcoming election is making you feel jittery... You're not alone. Uncertainty always makes people nervous. In fact, I've been hearing one particular question a lot lately: “How do I know when it’s the right…

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Small-Cap Monday - It's Earnings Time: Here Are 2 Ways to Profit

Hi... Happy Columbus Day. If you happen to not celebrate this particular holiday... Then Happy Monday! Last Monday, President Donald Trump returned to work, COVID-free. Politics aside, it's great to see Trump (or anyone) shrug off coronavirus. And on Wednesday, Fed Chairman Jerome…

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