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This Sector Is in the Election's Crosshairs

It’s T-minus 39 days until Election Day. This year has already been a surreal political climate with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. And with the recent passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, it’s now turned into a steam bath.…

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Copper Prices Are About to Explode… Are You Positioned For It?

China’s demand for refined copper just hit an all-time high. This is just one more indicator that China’s economy is recovering quickly. But it’s not the only one. According to The Wall Street Journal, China’s official Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index…

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Stocks Are the Place to Be... "Only in America"

If you own stocks, then hopefully you’re playing the right country -- the U.S. of A.  You see, U.S. stocks have gained enormous strength, while international stocks are the pond’s ugliest ducks, of which there are six. U.S. stocks are…

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Small-Cap Monday - This "Trump ETF" Is Set to Soar

Hi! Welcome to Small-Cap Monday. Today is the last day of summer, and it certainly feels like it here in Queens, NY. As I type these words it's a brisk 50 degrees, and my neighbor, bless his heart, has got…

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Friday Q&A - Important Update on Our CRM Option Play

Happy Friday! Costas Bocelli here with this week’s True Market Friday Mailbag. Today’s question comes from a True Market Insider article published on August 27, 2020 [There’s a NEW Rock Star in the Dow... Here’s How to Grab It At…

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Here’s How to Election-Proof Any Stock [For FREE]

It’s T-minus 46 days until Election Day. Now that summer is behind us, investors are turning their attention toward the November election. And let me tell you, they're worried as heck. Maybe you should be, too! In fact, according to…

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Avoid These 5 Energy Stocks at All Costs

Energy is one industry that I’d consider for bearish positions (positions that have an inverse relationship and advance when prices decline). The average market player might disagree. Brent crude oil spotted prices averaging $45 per barrel in August, and that’s…

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Small-Cap Monday - Our 5 Bearish Plays Are Crushing It

Happy Monday, my smart and savvy friend. Another summer has come and gone. It's been a challenging year. Lockdowns... fake news...  civic unrest... And a market that thinks it's a pogo stick -- up and down... up and down... Right now,…

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Friday Q&A - Whose Side Are You On?

Hi there... Big Bill Spencer here with the True Market Friday Mailbag. Today’s question of the week (so to speak) is from a long-time reader named Marcus K. He addressed the question to me and I’ll do my best to…

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