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Friday Q&A - Is it Too Late to Get in On Silver?

Hey, Doug Fogel here. Welcome to the Friday edition of True Market Insider. Today I’m fielding a question from Dan F., who asks… A while back, someone recommended buying a call option on SLV, an ETF on silver.  It’s gone…

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Inflation Is Back - And Here's Its "Silver" Lining

Inflation is here. That’s bad for most folks, because it makes everything more expensive. But it also opens the door to a huge opportunity for those who understand the “true market”. This simple chart shows us everything we need to…

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Buffett Goes All In On Gold

Editor's Note: Today we have something very special for you. We recently went searching high and low for the very best "Guest Editor" to write for you every week... ... and we found him! I'll introduce the two of you…

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This Leading Indicator Says Sell... a Little

You might remember one indicator that I used, back in pre-crash February, that told me the market was overbought. We recommended tightening up your stop-loss orders and selling your lowest-performing stocks to raise some cash. This way, you'd have cash…

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