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Cash In On Red-Hot Rents

I live in one of the most beautiful parts of the U.S., Sonoma County in Northern California. The region features gorgeous vineyards, picturesque valleys, towering redwoods, scenic lakes, and some of the most dramatic coastlines in the world. Living here…

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Here's A Solid Play On India's Resurgence

I spent the entire year of 1993 backpacking through India. Talk about culture shock – my senses were constantly under assault. Garlanded women in vibrant saris… Pungent aromas of spice and incense… Gorgeous Hindi music blaring from rooftops... Ancient temples…

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Here's a Baby Boomer's Nightmare

Did you know that the Millennial generation (comprised of people who are reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century) is about the same size as the Baby Boomer generation? The future of the U.S. is in the hands of…

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Small-Cap Sunday - Happy Anniversary!

Good morning... Thank you for joining me. If you are a father, or ever had one, Happy Father's Day! This year marks the 110th anniversary of this particular holiday. (Mother's Day is much older; it was first celebrated in 1860.)…

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Want to Profit in This Crazy Market? Try "KISS"

I’m a golf junkie. It’s true... If the stock market isn’t open, I’m probably hitting the links with my now teenage son (He recently turned 13-years old). Here the two of us are at a recent golf outing. Now let…

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Here's The #1 Oil Stock to Own Right Now

“Oil prices could double in the next year...” - Bloomberg "Oil prices are unlikely to go much higher.” - So which is it – higher crude prices? Or lower? Fact is, you can make a strong case for either. One…

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How to "Predict" the Market With Weatherman-Accuracy

Happy Tuesday! Technical Analysis lovers (probably you):  You'll appreciate this story. Technical Analysis skeptics:  Hopefully, today, you'll see the light. In an old box in my garage, I once found a cassette tape recording of a telephone call dating from... who…

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