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How to Profit From the War of the Drones

The mother ship docks quietly, shrouded by an early morning fog.  Suddenly a jet-black drone shoots straight out of the hatch.  Like a hummingbird, it hovers for a few moments as it receives coordinates from headquarters.  Armed with necessary data,…

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The #1 Sector to Invest In Today

Hello Fellow Trader, Thanks to the coronavirus – or more accurately, our response to it – our economy is unlikely to return to normal for years. Thousands of businesses have already closed, and thousands more are destined to shutter their…

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This Market Ain't Out of the Woods Yet

Hi there... After last week's mid-week selloff was "in the books" investors got a breather. The Dow Jones spent the next three trading sessions (Thursday through yesterday) rising 5.80% while the S&P 500 rose 4.75%. The Nasdaq Composite brought up…

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The #1 Rule in Trading to NEVER Violate

I get emails all the time from people like you asking me what the most important trading rule is. So here it is: NEVER OVERLEVERAGE! The smartest traders and investors on earth sometimes get killed because they can't follow this…

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Time to Hedge? Here’s How to Do It…

The bear market rally has been impressive. Take the S&P 500, the primary benchmark index for U.S. Equities. It’s gained more than +34% since making a low of 2,191 back on March 23rd. Recently, the S&P 500 has traded up…

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