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Stock Market Breakout Update

Two weeks ago, I sent you an article about a chart formation that was in the process of developing. . . I said that, if completed, the chart formation would have given us 10.5% "minimum price objective" (target) for the…

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I Fight Wildfires at the L.A. Mobile Conference

The world's largest mobile tech conference wrapped up in Los Angeles yesterday, and I've never been so reluctant to leave an event. I saw so many familiar names and faces... met so many new ones... and was awestruck by the sheer variety of…

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Meet the Nvidia Partner Working Toward Driverless Cars

Hey everyone... Big Bill Spencer here, checking in as promised from the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Los Angeles, CA. Yesterday I talked briefly about my visit with Ericsson (ERIC).  I described how a young man named Brendan played guitar while…

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5G is Everywhere at this Massive L.A. Tech Conference

October 22, 2019 Dateline: Los Angeles, CA Just a quick update for you... I'll be spending the better part of the week at the MWC2019 conference at the Los Angeles Convention Center. This trip is part of my ongoing mission to…

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These 3 Words are About to Lift Stocks to New Highs

Wanna know where stocks are headed next? All you need to do is... look up! For the better part of two years, the major stock market averages have largely gone nowhere. Take the Dow Jones Industrial Average, as a case in…

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