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This T.R.U.M.P Trade is Crushing the Market

It’s been a little over 50 years since the Apollo 11 mission launched mankind to the moon. And today we're seeing a different kind of "moonshot", one that's sending portfolios past the Van Allen Belt and beyond. "Liftoff" for this…

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This One Number Will Guide You to Greater Profits

Few things will boost your trading success as much as a solid understand of the “delta” of an option. The “delta” of an option measures how much the option changes in price when the underlying security moves one point. For example,…

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Small-Cap Saturday - This Auto Stock Could Rev 112%

Hi there... Big Bill here. Welcome to Small-Cap Saturday.  Let's get right to it... There's nothing exotic about the company you're going to read about today.  They're not out to cure cancer or conquer space... They just sell cars; lots of them.…

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Are Small Caps About to Stage a Big Time Rally?

It’s time to bring the offense back onto the field! After a month-long slump in August, demand has regained control of the stock market again. The NYSE bullish percent index (BPI), the granddaddy of all stock market indicators, recently flipped…

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How to "Go Negative" on the Market

Many professional traders, stockbrokers, hedge fund managers and individual investors find it difficult to go negative on the market. However, folks who make money are the ones who realize that the market can trade both up and down, and they…

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Small-Cap Saturday - This Tech Stock Is Up 99% (and Heading Higher)

Hello and welcome. Today, let's do something different. We recently asked readers what they'd like to see in True Market Insider and many answered "mid-caps".  (Stocks with a market cap between $2 billion and $10 billion.) Well, "The customer is always right", so here you go.…

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The Results Are IN. "Be Bullish"

Happy Tuesday folks! This week I'll share with True Market Insider readers, like you, what I wrote in Sector Focus. Then update you on what's happened since. Basically, I stated that the market was deciding what it wanted to do…

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The Most Accurate Indicator You've Never Heard Of

Would you like to pick better entry points for your trades?  Better exits? I have just the thing for you. The McClellan Oscillator, developed by Sherman and Marian McClellan, is a market breadth indicator primarily used for short and intermediate-term…

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