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Small-Cap Saturday - Why Small-Caps Are Great for Income

Hi everybody... "Big Bill" Spencer here.  Welcome to "Small-Cap Saturday" -- the soon-to-be high-point of your investing week. This is where, every seven days, you and I will go fishing in the coolest and potentially most profit-chocked pond in the whole…

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"WARNING:", Follow-up video with 5 stock trades

Tuesday evening I send out a WARNING video, saying the big bad institutional investors are looking to scare you out of the stock market.  But that you shouldn't fall for the trap. Last night I recorded a follow-up video recommending…

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Here’s 3 Ways to Play the Surging Gold Market

There's no sugarcoating it… Ever since gold prices peaked at $1900 an ounce nearly eight years ago, being bullish on gold has been a futile endeavor. And since that top in August 2011, every attempt at a bullish recovery turned…

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The Best Trading Advice You'll Ever Receive

People sometimes ask me, “How do I know when it’s the right time to be in or out of the market?”  The short answer is: If you’re asking that question, it’s time to stay out. After all, the most successful…

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WARNING: Stock market "fake-out" very likely

The stock market manipulators are trying to set up a bear trap. Bear traps are awesome if they do, in fact, turn out to be bear traps.  They tend to create a slingshot effect that this seven minute video will…

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Introducing Our Newest Feature -- "Small-Cap Saturday"

Happy Saturday Friends, "Big Bill" Spencer here, with some exciting news... (Yes, "Big Bill" is a real nickname.  My friends found it fun to name me after the impressive physique I don't have.) With the stock market almost going straight up, investors "greed glands" are swelling…

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How to Understand This Market Dispute

It's probably the longest running dispute in modern market history -- Fundamental Analysis vs. Technical Analysis. The Fundamentalist focuses on (what he or she believes to be ) the cause of a market movement.  The Technician focuses on the effect. Fundamental analysis involves…

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Technical Tuesday: Is this breakout real?

So which is it, Bloomberg? Are stocks bullish or bearish? Today's article is a bit longer than usual so I made a quick video and transcribed it as the article, below. Hi, this is Chris Rowe with True Market insiders.…

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How Human Psychology Creates Resistance and Support

In our previous conversation, we took a "bird's eye view" of Support and Resistance areas on a historical EMC stock chart. We saw that, "when support or resistance levels  are created, it’s because one of the two forces of supply or…

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