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Don't Fear The Pullback - Put Cash Safely to Work Instead

The major stock market averages continue to streak higher. Last week, the Dow Jones Industrial Average posted its ninth consecutive weekly advance, its longest weekly winning streak in 24 years. Since the December 24th low, the Dow has gained 19.5%…

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Why This Market is Headed "Up, Up and Away"

If you've been following me steadily since the year began, you've probably picked  up on a theme.  Namely that we're in for a strong, sustained bull market. Two weeks ago ("More Confirmation We're In For a Raging Bull Market") I said the…

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3 Keys to Trading Like A Superhero

As a professional trader, I get asked all sorts of questions. From the newbie investor just beginning his or her financial journey... ... to the seasoned hardcore trader with years of experience who is very active in the market... I hear…

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A Look At Some Market "Internal Affairs"

The market is a battlefield with opponents, winners and losers.  The trick to winning (and running circles around the losers) is simple.  You do it by taking advantage of the fact that so many people pay attention to the wrong things so much…

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How to Sleep Well at Night When Stocks are Overbought

Up, up and away… Ever since the market bottomed on Christmas Eve, stocks have been on a bullish tear. The S&P 500 has already gained +9.5% year-to-date, up +17% from the December 24th low. And although the large-cap index is…

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This Stock Missed On Earnings - So Let's Pounce

At True Market Insider, we generally take a "top down" approach to investing. That is, we begin by scoping out the state of the wider market, and then we drill down into major sectors... sub-sectors... ... and, finally, to individual…

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Do You Own These 8 Stocks? Then Read This Now

Have we gone from the Worst of Times to the Best of Times in just seven weeks? It truly has been a Tale of Two Markets during the past couple of months. The S&P 500 declined -9.2% in December, a…

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Ready For the Strongest Bull Market Ever Seen?

It might not be the strongest market that's ever existed, but this could be the strongest bull market you've ever lived through. This even takes into account the very bullish 1987 bull market. You read that correctly. 1987 was actually…

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