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Here’s An Easy Path to Bigger Gains and Fewer Losses

It’s a busy week and investors have plenty to digest.  It’s been a volatile week too.  Trading this market can make you feel like you were tossed into a washing machine stuck in the “spin cycle”. For one thing, earnings season is in full…

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How to "Predict" the Market With Weatherman-Accuracy

Happy Tuesday! Technical Analysis lovers (probably you):  You'll appreciate this story. Technical Analysis skeptics:  Hopefully, today, you'll see the light. In an old box in my garage, I once found a cassette tape recording of a telephone call dating from... who…

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Your Road to Riches in 2019 Starts Here

Welcome to the new bull market! That was the message proclaimed by our very own Chris Rowe earlier this week. Of course, nobody can be certain that we've seen the bottom from the December low.  (Chris would be the first one…

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2019 - The New Bull Market

It's very likely that a new bull market has begun. In the coming months, we hope and pray for bad news to knock prices down, creating buying opportunities. Why do I say this? Because right now we are seeing the…

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Are Big Institutions Really the “Bad Guys?”

You've heard me say that Individual investors have little or no impact on the price movement of any real stock. And that it's institutional buying (by the giant hedge funds) that's really the only thing that “moves the needle.” Now, that's true…

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Don’t Fall for This “Scary” Bear Market Signal

Ah, the dreaded Death Cross… Sounds scary, doesn’t it?  So when investors hear that the stock market just triggered the so-called "Death Cross”, they panic and do the absolute worst thing. They sell! What is A Death Cross? The Death Cross is a technical…

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How to Recover What You Lost Last Month

Amazon is known for making investors incredibly wealthy. But, apparently, it's also used to rob people during the holidays! In fact, for me, January has become the month of taking inventory on how I've been "had" throughout the prior month…

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Will Earnings Season Save the Stock Market?

Stocks have been a nightmare during the holiday season. While Santa was readying the sleigh on Christmas Eve, all the major stock market averages were plunging to new lows. The S&P 500 was left teetering on the edge of a…

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Why are all your friends BEARISH?

Why does the whole world seem to think now is the time to get bearish and expect lower stock prices? On September 11th, 2018, my article "Watch for This Stock Market Sell Signal" gave you several extremely compelling reasons why…

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My Stock Market Target

Today we'll discuss how a slight shift in how you think about stock price behavior, can mean a major change to your investing success. I never ever ever (ever!) give "price targets"... but I do tell you the "minimum price…

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