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Here's The Smart Way to Build (And Keep!) A Fortune

Most people believe options investing is risky, reckless even. But let me be the first to tell you that's a huge misconception. In fact, if you use options the right way... the way they are intended... you can actually reduce risk,…

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Don’t Let Trump’s Trade Wars Wreck Your Summer

While the best poker players on the planet are in Las Vegas for the annual World Series of Poker, the Trump Administration is engaged in its own high stakes poker game with China over the widening trade deficit between the…

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Turn Your Stocks into a Cash Generating Machine

In last week’s article, you saw how you can use options to generate cash quickly, that is… to speculate. Speculating with options is kind of like swinging for the fences… playing “long ball” if you will. And as we mentioned…

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How Options Let You Swing for Triple-Digit Profits

All rise for the judge… Aaron Judge of the Yankees that is. The all-star slugger is off to a spectacular start, having reached 70 career home runs faster than any player in Major League Baseball history. Judge hit his 70th homer in his 231st…

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