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Top Wall Street Bank: The Next Bear Market's In Sight

This month marks the tenth anniversary of the in famous Bear Stearns bailout. The implosion of one of the largest and most important investment banks on Wall Street, in March 2008, was a harbinger of calamities to come, such as the collapse of…

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How to Chuckle When the Market Crashes

"And in the end it's not the years in your life that count; it's the life in your years."  ~ Abe Lincoln This is the final article in 4-part series on creating market-neutral positions called "pairs trades". I've given you…

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Worse than a dog... This stock is dog poo.

This week, I'll give you another "pairs trade" to help you continue building your "market neutral" investment account. Over the last two weeks, I've given you two of these trades and they're both profitable.  In fact, my readers have seen…

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Here's How to "Spring Clean" Your Portfolio

With three winter storms pummeling the Northeastern corridor of the United States over the past couple weeks, for many, it feels as though spring may never come. Believe me, I’ve been hearing about it non-stop from my friends and family…

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This Trade Could Beat the Market By A Factor of 10

Last week I promised that I'd "give you a quick trade, every week, for the next three weeks." (You may want to review the article because it dovetails nicely into today's.  Last week I gave you a "pairs trade".  Instructions…

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This Volatile Market Just Handed You a Huge Opportunity

  If you’re wondering why the market keeps gyrating like an unbalanced washing machine, you could point to a president hell bent on slapping punitive tariffs on imported steel and aluminum. The President's actions have already claimed one casualty. If you don’t…

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This Strategy is a MUST for This Market

Every Tuesday, over the next three weeks, I'll give you quick trades. Why? This is a fairly predictable market.  But a dangerous one if you're not paying close attention. There are big bets being made on both the bull side…

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