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Will Your Account Survive Another Correction?

Already, 2018 is shaping up to be one heck of a year. The first two months of the year should serve as a stark warning that investors need to be prepared for not only the ups, but for the downs as well.…

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Markets are unfair - And That's Great for Us

When we were children, our parents and teachers spent years helping us come to grips with the fact that "life isn't fair."  They were right. School playgrounds aren't fair.  Neither are presidential elections. Financial markets aren’t fair either.  If I’m…

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Technical Tuesday: This Market's Next Move Can Crush You

What now...? The stock market corrected sharply, then just as quickly retraced more than half of that decline. Computerized trading programs, which dominate the stock market, are programmed to trade at specific levels and therefore sell at price points based…

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Technical Tuesday: Why You Should Buy the RSI

Now THIS is a stock market that I can get excited about... Thank goodness.  Things were really getting boring.  But now we can play with intermediate-term gyrations that last a few weeks to a few months with each swing. For…

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