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Here's Why 2018 Could Turn Into 1987

Have you been feeling itchy lately? Do you feel a force pulling you in to something that you know darn well you've sworn off in the past? We've all felt this at least once in our lives. That heart pounding…

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This "Two Numbers" Trick Gives You A Trading Edge

Momentum stocks seem to captivate investors. For some, the valuations and volatility are just way too extreme for their investment goals.  But for the active trader and the above-average risk taker, these high fliers can return massive gains. So what exactly…

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This Little-Known Strategy Will Turbo-Charge Your Dividend Stocks

As the Federal Reserve continues the process of normalizing interest rates, don’t expect a return to the income “glory days.” In fact, while the Fed has raised short-term interest rates five times over the past two-years, banks have stubbornly refused to pass higher…

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Today I Answer Your Options Questions

I've gotten some great feedback and questions relating to my recent options articles.  And although I can’t answer all of them, I will answer a few that seem to be popular. Let’s start with this one:  What about selling the options since most expire…

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How to Pick the Absolute Best Time to Sell

A wise man once said, "If all the world's economists were laid end to end, they wouldn't reach a conclusion." That guy could've been talking about market pundits.  That's why I stick to technical analysis.  It's fact based (at times…

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Will This Week’s Reversal Spark the Next Pullback?

Ever since the market saw that President Trump's massive tax cut and reform bill might become reality, U.S. Equities have run higher at a record-setting pace. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is the mega-cap price- weighted index consisting of 30 of the largest U.S. multinational companies.…

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How to 'Rent' Your Stocks for Extra Cash Each Month

If you were a real estate investor who owned an apartment building, you'd never want to leave your apartments vacant.  Every time someone moved out you would try hard to rent it to someone else to keep generating steady cash flow…

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Don't Let This "Reversal" Pattern Reverse Your Wealth

You probably either already know, or have heard about, "the doji," which is the most-powerful reversal pattern you'll spot on a "candlestick chart." Even if you're already familiar with candlesticks and the "doji," you'll still learn something new from this…

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