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This Sector Should Remain Red Hot in 2018

Move over Saint Nick and make room for Uncle Sam… The Republican-controlled Congress just handed President Trump a major landmark victory with the passing of a $1.5 trillion tax cut and reform bill. Merry Taxmas! The implication for investors is…

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Think the Bull Market Has Run Its Course? Think Again!

I rarely go to movies, but I do make it a point to see any new Star Wars film the moment it's released in theaters. Tomorrow, the latest installment hits the multiplexes.   What’s extra special is that I'm going to get to watch this one…

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How Not to Jump the Gun on a Trade

As you may already know, I can sometimes be an expert on stating the obvious. But I have taught thousands of traders to improve their skills.  And all I had to do to achieve that breakthrough for them was to…

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5 Reasons to Be Glad That Tech Got Whacked

For bullish investors in 2017, the Technology Sector has been the gift that keeps on giving. While the S&P 500 has gained 18% year to date, it’s been the Technology Sector that’s delivered massive outperformance, gaining more than 30%. (Click any image…

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