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This Investment Strategy Could Spare You 10 Years in Prison

Every once in a while a “dumb crook” news story crosses the financial news wire. Here's one that really caught my attention… “Florida man planned to bomb Target department stores to get cheap stock” According to the complaint filed by the Justice…

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How to Invest Along Side of the World's Wealthiest

The wealthiest investors on earth tend to be the ones who make the most money in the financial markets. But I'm not telling you anything you didn't already know. "The rich get richer." "The richest 1% hold over 38% of…

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Did Trump Just Signal the Next Market Selloff?

  If Mr. Market was a groundhog, should investors expect six more weeks of record highs across all the major stock market indices? It sure feels like it. Because ever since the S&P 500 broke out of a very tight…

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Time to Sell?

Weekly U.S. Stock Market Stance:  Long-term we remain bullish but short-term odds strongly favor a price dip.  But the big picture is incredibly strong so dips should be used as buying opportunities.  One very popular way to play this type…

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These 3 ETFs Are Flashing Green

I’m going to share with you three exchange traded funds (ETF’s) that you can put on your investment radar. All are currently demonstrating high levels of relative strength. But first, a little background by way of a reminder. If your goal is…

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This Investment Style Can Crush You in 2017

Every Tuesday, we post our stock market stance: While odds favor a short-term dip, we are extremely bullish on the U.S. stock market in the longer-term.  Furthermore, we are even more bullish on the investment approach of “momentum/relative strength” investing. …

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