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Odds Favor More Downside

This Week's Market Stance:  Long-term we are very bullish on U.S. stocks.  Not only are they the strongest asset class, but when we check the other 5 asset classes, we see an appetite for risk.  Commodities and International stocks (especially…

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Are You Ready for Trump’s First 100 Days?

In less than 24 hours, the Donald Trump show goes live, from Washington, D.C.! Tomorrow is Inauguration Day and that means once Donald Trump is sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, he’ll transition from “Tweeter-in-chief” to…

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4 Sectors With Post-Election Weakness

This week's market stance: Short-term traders want to wait for a pullback to establish positions and long-term investors want to manage positions by exiting the weak and hedge the rest.  Odds favor small near-term dips in a continued strong bull…

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How to Make Mexico Pay Your Bills

Donald Trump thinks Mexico will pay for his wall. Whether that dream of his will become a reality or a mind boggling battle between national leaders, publicly dropping "F-bombs" on each other, is beyond me. But I have an order…

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Does the Road to Dow 20K and Beyond Begin Tomorrow?

Oh, how Mr. Market loves to toy with our emotions. Last Friday, all the major stock market averages were trading in record-high territory. But one in particular stood on the verge of an eagerly-anticipated milestone. Of course, I mean the…

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The Biggest Lie About the Stock Market

Today's article may be a bit of a refresher for folks who already grasp what is meant by “The True Market" (as in True Market Insider). But for the vast majority of the world, experienced investors as well as green…

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The Coming Dip - Too Much Bull in This Market

Happy New Year everybody. Welcome to the inaugural True Market Insider article of 2017. This year is going to be a breakout year for us. We have a ton of exciting stuff coming down the pike. For one thing, we’re…

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