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NYSE Bullish Percent Reversal

When the smartest technical analysts in the world think of the granddaddy of all technical indicators, they think of The New York Stock Exchange Bullish Percent Index (NYSE BPI). The “NYSE BPI” is an oscillating reading from 0 – 100…

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How to “Bank” on Trump’s Victory

Since the election, markets have been scrambling to reprice a Trump victory. Domestic equities, commodities, fixed income, currencies and international equities have all been on the move. You see, leading up to the election, markets were positioned for a Clinton…

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Quick Financial Update Video

The Trump victory caught the world off guard. And a number of folks have written to ask what we can expect the markets to do in the coming weeks. As regular True Market Insider readers know (because I hammer the…

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Trump Wins! Now What?

America has spoken. You’re hired, Mr. Trump! In what has to be one of the biggest political feats in history, Donald Trump upset pretty much all of the projections and will become the 45th president of the United States. “They”…

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Make Your Portfolio Great Again

Market timers are looking a gift horse in the mouth like never before. The stock market and commodity market made a strong advance higher and everyone cried because they "missed it". And now those same people are waiting to see…

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