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What the Rio Olympics Can Teach Us About Investing

Ever since I was a kid, I always looked forward to the summer Olympic games. Maybe it’s because they only come around once every four years, but for whatever reason they still capture my attention. And I’d love to say…

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Is This the Comeback Sector of 2016?

Since the Brexit bottom back on June 27, nearly every segment of the market has turned bullish… Except for one. And if this bull market breakout can sustain, then this one vital sector has a lot of making up to…

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Get Ahead of the Coming Dip in Stocks

It's time to prune your stock portfolio. Why? Because history says so. The good news is that the current situation calls for a specific "play" in the stock investors' playbook.  It's not even a difficult play to pull off, and…

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Did the Bear Trap Just Spring a Summer Rally?

If there was ever a time to slay a bear, this was it! Just last week we hoisted the caution flag up the pole and alerted you to a couple of big warning signs. The basic message was that it’s probably…

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New All Time Highs... BS? Here's How to Hedge

How'd you like to profit from the 3 strongest asset classes combined in just one security? There are 6 major asset classes, and I'll list them in order of their current long-term relative strength: Long story short:  We want to…

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Time to Be Defensive? 3 Ways to Protect Your Portfolio

Global equity markets rebounded sharply following the two-day Brexit selloff. The large-cap S&P 500 jumped 3.2% to end the week, marking its biggest weekly gain in nine months. So if you’ve been riding out the recent volatility, I’m sure you’re…

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Mr. Market: "And The Next U.S. President Is..."

** Note from Chris Rowe:  I'm not endorsing anyone in this article.  Relax.  My expertise is in identifying trends and managing money.  That's it. Good evening President Clinton. We in the money management community have decided that you’ll be running things…

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June 30th Webinar Recording - What to do now

Here is Thursday's webinar recording, broken down into 3 parts to make the loading process easier. If you press play and it starts and stops repeatedly, pause the recording for a few minutes and then press play. This will give…

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