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Stock Market Decline Ahead

This Week's Market Outlook:  I have been reducing my bullish exposure in the stock market lately because the stock market is way too overbought in the short-term.  We are looking for a short-term decline. Unless the major averages somehow push…

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I’m the Luckiest Man Who’s Ever Lived

Dear Reader, Earlier this week I sent out an article I wrote a few years ago, titled “Chris Rowe is Nothing Special”. Since then, I’ve gotten dozens of emails from all of you with some really touching feedback and I…

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Chris Rowe is Nothing Special

Quick Note from Chris: It's funny what you can find when you open up old files on your work computer that you haven't looked through in years. Things that may have seemed so important at the time now seem trivial... but…

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Viva La Resistance Level in the S&P 500

EDITORS NOTE:  We Recently decided to post a short summary of our market stance before our weekly article. Short-term, the stock market is very overbought. Lots of resistance levels to fight through. Even if we break above resistance, it could…

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PE Ratios Are Useless for the Stock Market

EDITOR'S NOTE:  I'm going to try something new.  Above each weekly issue of True Market Insider, I'm going to summarize my market stance in just a few sentences. This week’s market stance: At this moment, 37 of the 41 broad…

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