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[VIDEO} New Rules - If it's a Major Market Bottom

We have seen many signs of a major market bottom from sentiment readings to market internals.  Historically, when the NYSE BPI moved below 30 and reversed back up, it resulted in a major market bottom 9 out of the last…

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Beginning of the Bear Market?

Are you bullish or bearish? This loaded question should have at least three answers, or perhaps a question of you own:  "On which time frame are you referring to?" Short-term (days to weeks), I'm bullish but looking for a pullback.…

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The Market Has Spoken

… and it’s saying Healthcare may be relinquishing its reign as top dog. They say a picture is worth a 1000 words. I'm hoping the images I'm about to share save you a few thousand .... Dollars. Unless you've been…

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We just saw a very sharp sell off and a rebound up.  But we are asking ourselves "Is this the ultimate buying opportunity or is it the beginning of a bear market?" Here's the current NYSE BPI.  After an overbought…

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